“What COVID-19 Is Teaching Us”

Rev. Dr. Robert O. Simpson

Home Church Address:

660 Monroe St, Brooklyn, NY 11221


Preacher Bio:

This is a tape of a sermon, from some time ago, of Rev. Dr. Robert O. Simpson, the Senior Pastor Emeritus of the Janes United Methodist Church, in Brooklyn, New York (one of our 3 recipients of The Harlem Times Aspire Clergy Legacy Awards, who may be, arguably, the longest serving United Methodist Church Pastor in the history of America and even, perhaps, the world! He served the Church as its Senior Pastor for 47 years before retiring 3 years ago! He declined many offers to become a Bishop of the Lord's Church,or, a District Superintendent, because he remarked: "my calling is to serve and to build up Janes Church"! Among his many accomplishments, was bringing the Church through its most harrowing experiences, of it burning down in an unfortunate fire, a few decades ago, which was debilitating and very devastating! He not only kept the Congregation together, but, in so doing, time stakingly led in the building of a beautiful edifice and a modern day facility: useful, high-functioning and second to none! He rebuilt the Church and its vast membership to new Ecclesial and wuthering, spiritual heights! His Preaching Excellence and erudite wisdom and style, which draws the congregation in and informs even the most casual of listeners, has helped to make Janes United Methodist Church an important and necessary cornerstone church of the UMC Denomination and to make this Congregation very relevant to the community at large and the Conference and District itself, and also the Global Community, to date. Dr. Simpson is not only a great Pastor but is a great friend and Father Figure to Parishioners, community members and humanity alike, down through the years.