“We’re Standing Between What Was and What Will Be”

Rev. Reginald E. Paris

Home Church Address:

713 E 222nd St, The Bronx, NY 10467


Preacher Bio:

Rev. Reginald E. Paris, a native Bronxite, began attending United Christian BC at their former location 710 East 223rd st. What was unique about this is that he was in a way returning home for as a child he began attending church at the same location as a member of Butler Memorial Methodist Church under the leadership of the late Pastor WP Johnson. Rev. Paris entered the church and began to seek knowledge, understanding and growth in the word of God and as such he began to attend Bible study as well as Sunday school. Here he developed a relationship with his beloved friend and mentor the late Reverend Norman Edmonds who took Rev. Paris under his wing assisting in his growth and desire for a relationship with God. Soon thereafter Rev. Edmonds suggested Rev. Paris substitute for him and teach the Sunday school class. Though unwilling at first, God will again have his way, he relented, encouraged through the words of the late Pastor Emeritus Elias Miner and he taught that class, a class he continues to teach even today. Just prior to becoming a Sunday school teacher, he raised his hand and asked a question. That question led to his becoming the director of the Youth Ministry for almost 10 years. Rev. Paris has always been willing to give help where help was needed; very rarely, if at all, he said no. As he continued to grow and work he was asked, accepted, walked and became a member of the Deacon Board. A position he held close to his heart where he rose to vice chairman. Rev. Paris serves the Lord and in addition to teaching Sunday school, being Deacon board vice chairman and youth director, he also teaches Bible study, is the President of the Men’s Ministry and Soldiers of Praise Male Chorus. Once again God called and the then Deacon Paris became Minister Paris after preaching his initial sermon in 2007. His ministerial journey began anew as He and Pastor Keith Williams organized ”Men Crossing Over To Christ,” a Men’s Ministry. Rev. Paris along with his wife organized The Cripple to Crowned Gospel Café Ministry which began a chronological yearlong study of the Bible; a Thanksgiving Day feed the needy service, Christmas Toy distribution, an inspirational Text message ministry that ultimately reaches more than 600 individuals daily from Alaska to Florida in addition to a daily Face book ministry posting. God wasn’t done with Rev Paris yet as in April of 2014 Minister Reginald E. Paris was ordained and became Reverend Reginald E. Paris. In December of that same year at the retirement of Rev. Robert Hill as Pastor of United Christian BC, Rev Paris became Pulpit Facilitator. As God would again have it on July 31, 2016 Rev. Paris was elected Pastor of United Christian BC where he now has the privilege and pleasure to serve the Lord as Pastor. During that year with the renewal of friendships from the past Rev. Paris along with the late Bro. Kevin Flowers in conjunction with new member Bro. Marion Frampton and TBS New Direction began serving his beloved Bronx community in various ways, such as feeding and clothing the needy at Bronx homeless shelters , finding temporary employment for about 50 individuals with political campaigns and as census takers for Banana Kelly, participating in various stop the violence events, member of the 47th precinct Clergy Coalition, Bronx Rises Against Gun Violence, Member of The Bronx & Vicinity Tuesday Night Ministers Evening Conference where he serves on several committees. Rev. Paris is the husband of one wife, his beloved chocolate star, 1st Lady Brenda Caldwell-Paris, the father of 2 Daughters, Charnea Paris & Angela Paris-Bodden, three grandchildren Phoenix Paris, Jordan & Brianna Bodden a brother, an Uncle and father-in-law. Professionally he is the owner operator of an independent insurance agency R. E. Paris Insurance Agency has an Associate Degree in Business Administration and a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration Management graduating Magna Cum Laude American University and is currently seeking to achieve a Master of Divinity degree as he continues his pursuit of the word of God. When all is said and done, what's most important to Rev. Paris is that he continues to walk in the righteousness of God.