“A Finished Work”

Rev. Victor M. Singletary

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A lifelong student of History and political junkie, Victor M. Singletary offers this blog as a
contribution to regaining balance, respect and historical contextualization in public discourse.
His social, political and public policy commentary addresses the necessity of justice, equity in
allocation of resources and fundamental fairness in American society as the nation adjusts to
globalization. How do we extend the practical benefits of American democratic ideals and
constitutional principles to all citizens within the continual twenty-first century challenges of
race, immigration, religious pluralism, growing wealth disparity, sexual identity and autonomy
and dynamism of social, ethnic and cultural trends? Also, a lover of sports, arts, entertainment,
observer of popular culture and avid reader, Singletary will add literary spices and flavors of
these topics. A graduate of Dartmouth College, Union Theological Seminary in the City of New
York, New York University GSAS and Teachers College Columbia University, Singletary
utilizes his theological and historical training and professional and personal experience to learn
with people of all walks of life to answer life’s hard questions. You may contact him at